Broken Rules

About us

Rules and conventions exist so that we can break them! We are a team of developers with many years of experience in creating interactive solutions We will make your products, concepts, visions and projects come alive in the mobile world!
  • UI/UX design
    We will study requirements and will learn expectations of future users of Your application – our design process is oriented on the customer. We create intuitive and at the same time modern interactions with users.
    UI/UX design
  • Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications
    Our field of expertise is developing applications on Android, iOS and Windows Phone systems. We create dedicated business solutions in accordance with needs, requirements and unique nature of a given industry.
    Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications
  • Responsive
    Web Design
    Our products are universal, every element is appropriately adjusted to devices and present trends in mobile projects. There is no resolution that would become a barrier for us.
    Web Design
  • Development
    and outsourcing
    We provide Body leasing IT with a guarantee of a best choice (dedicated solely and exclusively to Your project) of specialists from our team.
    and outsourcing
  • Analyses
    and strategies
    We will analyze and perform an audit of each of the projects, and further, we will suggest a plan of its finishing or development. We are not afraid of taking projects left by other developers.
    and strategies
  • Marketing
    and promotion
    We develop and realize mobile applications, providing service in terms of concept, strategy, implementation and also marketing and promotion of end product.
    and promotion

Our clients

  • Excellent communication, professionalism of the team, innovative solutions and above all,
    a great vision and passion are words, which define Broken Rules.
    Adrian CzyczerskiCEO
  • Leading characteristic of Broken Rules is swiftness and great understanding of Customer’s needs.
    Bartosz GąsiorowskiCEO Agile Droids LTD
  • Mobile app development takes a unique approach - taking care of fanatic care of every detail, every pixel. Broken rules delivers that in the area of UX, development and marketing of mobile apps.
    Michał Lachfounder K2 Internet S.A.

Creation process

  • 01
    Needs analysis
    It is the first and most important stage of cooperation, on this stage, we want to learn details about You, Your project and Your most important aims. During our first meetings and discussions with a Customer we collect information on business, system and functional requirements, on basis of which we move on to design.
  • 02
    After productive analysis of all Customer’s needs, we move on to design. We carefully choose and adjust IT solutions according to the scale and unique nature of Your company. All of our realizations are designed individually.
  • 03
    The solutions we offer are favoring close coordination of teams and specialists who are developing the application in the whole cycle of its life, allowing a fast realization of the projects which will provide the customers higher value. Our developers are maniacs of implementing innovative mobile solutions.
  • 04
    Implementation and support
    We suggest a comprehensive model of implementation which includes a continuous service support of Your application what guarantees comfort and safety and also a fast reaction to unexpected occurrences. We will also help You with placing Your application in a store and its promotion.

Our attitude

  • Creativity
    Our creative attitude is our natural feature. It manifests itself in readiness to create and implement new ideas for our Customers and in searching for new solutions. We support our Customers during creation of project concepts and also suggest already prepared solutions and modules which may be easily adjusted to the vision of the Customer and save his time and money.
  • Commitment
    Our team focuses not only on their work, but also enthusiastically exceeds their entrusted aims. Our commitment is a permanently positive state of mind which is characterized by absorption and devotion to given tasks. These qualities make the time flow faster, and our projects are treated better than our children.
  • Passion
    We are completely addicted to mobile applications, we use them at home, on vacation, during the weekend with friends or in travel, but in our work, we develop and implement them. It is not only our hobby – mobile solutions are our life.
  • Communication
    Communication with a Customer is the most important element of cooperation. It influences the final effect of our work. We respond to each email immediately, and all phone calls are answered on a current basis only to praise ourselves later, that we made an application just for You. Each project has its dedicated Project Manager, who is responsible for contact with a Customer what significantly influences the quality of communication and project realization time.


  • As a technological partner of Samsung we have access to know-how KNOX technology, thanks to which we significantly increase the safety of our applications.
  • As a partner of Intel we have access to latest Intel technologies, a.o. technology Internet of Things (IoT).
  • As a partner of IBM we implement the latest solution for our customers.
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